Throwback Thursday

February 26th, 2015

I have many hard drives. Like...8, or more. I take way too many pictures, and I don't delete enough of them. I've also learned recently the importance of backing up, a lesson I've learned many times but for some reason, after loosing many of my favorite pictures from Taiwan, I only now many sure everything is backed up at least twice. 

I haven't made sure there were at least 2 copies of all my old pictures. I consider my old pictures to be pre-California, before I started taking photography more serious. I've always considered pictures taken before then not really good. Not worth of my time, not worthy of backing up (I have made prints and photo books from that time, so it wouldn't be a complete loss if the hard drive failed.)

Today I decided to take out one of those old hard drives just to take a peek at what I don't have backed up. Like I expected, many old pictures. 

Some were actually good!

Better then I expected good. I was surprised. I was also impressed how often I took pictures in RAW, even though back then I had no clue how to edit RAW files. My editing skills are much better now. I decided to have a go and see what I could make of a few. Here are the results.

Sunset at Petrified Rocks

Sunset at Petrified Rocks

These first couple pictures were taken on our road trip from North Carolina to California, during a move. I had my camera, a new tripod, and was excited to explore the few national parks we drove through. The Petrified Forest was a suprising stop, because it was much more impressive then we imagined. 

Sunset on the Dingle Penninsula


Ireland is amazing, and absolutely beautiful. I wish I had known much more about composition and lighting, and everything I know now! I could have had many more pictures that gave justice to the landscape. 

Just another Ireland Castle

Castle in Ireland

The Countryside of Ireland

Ireland Countryside
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